Mary L. G. Jensen, MPA, F/PPABC

Mary L. G. Jensen is a portrait photographer who has been running her successful studio in Richmond, B.C. since 1986. Through giving presentations (teaching fellow photographers) and exhibiting her work she has earned from the Professional Photographers of Canada, her Master of Photographic Arts (MPA) designation. Further recognition from her peers has allowed her to be conferred with the prestigious F/PPABC, making her a fellow of the Professional Photographers Association of British Columbia.

Mary focuses her talents on creating portraits of children and families and weddings. A true ‘life style’ photographer, she usually makes her portraits and images in carefully chosen locations that are meaningful to her subjects.

“I believe that every picture tells a story, and it’s my job to effectively tell the story of whomever I am commissioned to photograph. What they are doing now, what’s important to them, where they live, and what they look like, of course. Whatever is true about now. That portrait becomes such a treasure as time passes and circumstances change. Children grow up, or move away from home. The portraits are about keeping memories fresh.”

Besides keeping up her busy portrait schedule she currently instructs classes in photography for Focal Point—a private educational institute in Vancouver that specialises in visual imaging. She also manages to find time to take part in judging photographs in the provincial Salon, and sits on the board of directors for the Professional Photographers Association of British Columbia as well as her local community centre board.

Call for appointments at 604.278.0252


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